Questions Are Not Comments

At the Town Board Workshop referred to in the Sewerline, Chuckie tries to make a point, other than the one on top of his head, that is.  He still hasn’t learned that his time has passed and no one cares what he has to say.

 Chuckie should be pleased that the Board moved quickly to fill the court vacancies.  His boy Sabo needs all the help he can get.  Of course, if all the new appointments were Chuckie approved Dems, there wouldn’t even be a whisper from blabber mouth.

So, Chuckie, it would be in your best interest to learn the difference between questions and comments.  Most always, a question requires a reply, even if it’s “I don’t know”.  A comment however does not require a reply.  It’s simply your opinion on any given subject.  And we all know how most of the Town feels about your opinions. Our comment is Good Work Town Board you chose some quality people to fill those court vacancies.

On a much more personal note, our family welcomed our fourth grandson last week.  Kai Joshua Voelker.He’s a keeper and joins his big brother Preston.  In time, these two will keep Mom and Dad on their toes.

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Happy 2012

W’e’ve been getting a lot of “Where have you been,lately.”   Like most of you, we were busy getting ready for the holidays.  Answering the door for UPS and Fed Ex.  Decorating, wrapping, cookie baking, (thanks Syb), aqnd all the other things necessary to make the holidays special.

After the elections were over and we digested the results, there wasn’t too much more we had to say. The voters of North Greenbush have spoken loud and clear.  We have glanced at the Sewerline on occasion, post election, and truthfully haven’t seen anything worth commenting on.  It’s the same old Chuckie slinging the same old baloney.  If and when he actually comes up with something remarkable, then we will remark.

We do, however want this blog to continue to be a place where they can comment and express there views about the Town or County.  The blog will be checked regulaly and we hope there will be plenty of dialogue happening here.

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So Much To Say, So Little Space

The voters of North Greenbush have spoken loud and clear. This time we hope Former Candidate Smith listens, really listens. Even DANA couldn’t pull out Dist. 6 for him. I’d like to think those four votes were from some of my family.

We kept telling Former Candidate Smith that noone wants to hear what he has to say, very few noones apparently. To get the least amount of votes of anyone running on the Democratic line (true Democrats of course), must be a stinging rejection for Former Candidate Smith. The County Dems must be pretty ticked off too. This may be the death knell for the Dan Ashley/Charlie Smith reign of terror in North Greenbush. That is, if either one of them can figure out that they’re no longer of any consequence and their leadership is no longer required.

We hope the people who like to think that our motives are only political will come to realize that when we have cautioned people against getting involved with the Ashley/Smith regime, we are very sincere in our warnings. These are dishonest self-serving individuals who will use or abuse anyone.

So Charlie did what he set out to do. He gave voters a choice. He just wasn’t it. The results were the same, whether he ran or he didn’t. Jann, you’re not off the hook yet. We’re all still waiting to be awed by some amazing thing that was supposed to happen. Care to fill us in?

Congratulations to the winners, Al Spain, Lou Desso and Stephanie Piel. Along with Kelly and Joe, they make a good team for the residents of North Greenbush.
Back to Hannaford Chuck. We hear if you do a good job, they’ll put you in produce.

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UNCONVENTIONAL —– Are You Kidding Me!!!!!!!!

I I must confess disappointment in the TU endorsement of Chuckie. I expected nothing more from the Record, but I thought the TU standards were a little higher. They fell for his barrel of bull s–t. Easy to do if you don’t live in NG.

To be completely fair, if the TU definition of unconventional included harrassment, manipulation, perjury, character assassination and lies then maybe they were correct in endorsing Chuckie. But, since none of the TU editors seem to live in North Greenbush, they could have cut the citizens of NG a little slack. Maybe someone from the Fennel family should clue in the editors as to Chuckies’ role in their daughter’s tragedy. I wonder how ethical the TU would think Chuckie is then?

All I can do folks is urge as many of you as possible to get out and vote Row B, C, or D and support out candidates. If you don’t, it’s back to the Dark Ages for NG and her citizens.

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Things To Remember

If you plan on going to the infamous debate on Tuesday, there are some things you need to remember.
1. Very little if anything Chuck or his running mates have to say will be true, Chuck has a long history of playing fast and loose with the truth.
2. Chuck and his DANA friends did anything they could to stop the development of VanRensselaer Square. DANA doesn’t realize that they were used by Chuck and Dan for their votes. Neither one of these guys cared one way or another about 4&43. The only reason they care now is because they feel it will bring them some votes. People, these guys are slime!
3. Everything negative that has been said about them in this blog is true. The Colleen Fennel tragedy, the money wasted on senseless lawsuits, the personal attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with Chuck, and the self-serving political tactics that have gone on for years.
Support Al Spain and Lou Desso and DO NOT believe ANYTHING said by Chuck and his flying monkeys. Al and Lou are looking out for the Town’s best interests, Chuck and his FM are looking out for their own best interests.

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Really, Chuck!!!!!!

We’ve all become familiar with Chuck’s penchant of stretching the truth as far as necessary to serve his purpose, whatever that may be.  Nothing good for sure.  This time he’s reached another low when it comes to childishness.  In a recent blog on the Sewerline, he accused Al Spain and Lou Desso of removing the opponents’ campaign signs.  It’s not true!  What is true however, is that Chuck was seen by a Town firefighter removing Spain and Desso signs.  Has there been an election or primary in North Greenbush in recent memory that Dan Ashley and Chuckie have NOT been involved in less than honorable behavior?  If there has been, I can’t think of any.

And isn’t Chuck the sanctimonius little prig tattletailing that Al hasn’t filed his report with the State yet.  Some people actually have a life Chuck and it’s not the end of the world.  As I remember the Green Party was a little behind schedule at one time.  That’s Chuck folks, always trying to cast people in the worst possible light.  It must be tough this  year, trying to decide who to skewer next with your rapier intellect.

Just a couple more thoughts.  Don’t think that big ass sign is going to win you any extra votes.  If anything, it’s an eyesore.  Finally, if I owned a business in Town, I absolutely wouldn’t allow any campaign signs in front of my property.  So Lou was right, everybody or nobody, at least if you don’t want to lose customers.

I knew that it was too much to expect a calm civil campaign considering Chuck’s involvement.  I would ask, however, that all of you who read this blog pass the word on to friends, neighbors and relatives that if they don’t want chaos, if they are tired of NG being made the laughing stock of the tri-cities, if they don’t want Town government run like a three ring circus, then they should support Al Spain, Lou Desso and Stephanie Piel.  It’s the only way to keep Chuck’s twisted values out of Town government.

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Sign of the Times

Heard about all of Chuck’s boo hooing about Al’s campaign signs.  Chuck went to the trouble to post the Town law blah blah.  Of course, he only complains about Al’s signs.  In driving around Town recently, I saw Judge Elliott signs, Gordon signs, Mahar signs.  Why aren’t you complaining about them, Chuck?  I guess the signs that count are the ones from Chuck’s competition.  What a hypocrit!

I’m not going to talk budget right now.  I need to talk to people who have the real scoop, not Chuck who puts his own unique self-serving political spin on things. A debate!!  Who wants to get into a debate with you or your ticket?  The Town is already sick to death of listening you flappin’ your gums about crap.  Nothing but a waste of time.  Nobody is going to give you a soapbox to spin you campaign garbage.

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Amen and Hallelujah

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who CB was attacking today.  Seeing that council member Lou Desso is the only one running against Chuckie B’s pathetic team who attends St. Jude’s, it must be him.  What a surprise.  We’ve done some research and found out that Lou Desso has been an usher at the 9:00 AM mass for many years.  Now and then he goes to a different mass at St. Jude’s, like this past Sunday, for instance.  Lou attended the 11:00 mass because his wife, Deb, was among a group of women being welcomed and blessed as new religion teachers.  We hope that’s okay with Chuckie B.

Years ago Lou and Deb decided to give back to the parish.  When their children were young Deb paticipated in Clothe-A-Child.  Deb has always been involved in helping others, especially children.  Most people don’t go to church to check out who’s there, but Chucki B’s running mate Ernie Kern must feel it’s important enough to report it to his fearless leader.  I’m not sure, but I think gossip should be a deadly sin, if it isn’t already. Even worse is seeing the need to report on someone going to church as if it were a bad thing.  Shame on both of you!

If you want to see Lou talking to parishioners, come to the food festival Sunday.  He and Deb will be there volunteering.  Of course there’s the  parish picnic, where  Lou is the bingo caller every year.  How about the K of C breakfast where Lou is a server.  Did we mention that Lou is also a member of the Kiwanis, he coached for Classy Lassy and Twin Town, was a commisioner for South Troy Pop Warner, a Town Youth Committee volunteer and has spent many years going to local jails to help inmates with long-term drug problems.  We could go on and on, but we think you get our point.

Unlike Chuckie B and Ernie Kern, Lou realized that the more you give back to your community, the better your life goes.  Lou was volunteering for St. Jude’s long before he became involved in public service.  Ask yourself what CB has done for St. Jude’s besides sue it.  Ditto Classy Lassy.  Has he EVER volunteered for anything besides being a giant pain in everyone’s butt?

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If We Lived In A Perfect World

As most of us know, North Greenbush is a great place to live, but comes with it’s own set of challenges.  One of those challenges is that of finding qualified, dedicated and honorable people to run for public office.  In a perfect world, each political party would have a waiting list of qualified candidates ready to step up to the plate.  Apparently, the editorial staff of the TU don’t live or vote in North Greenbush.  If they did, they would not consider Charlie Smith a choice for any rational humanbeing who knows him and his reputation.  We do agree that ideally there would be candidates on the two major parties but for a Conservative or someone on the Independence line or WFP, cross-endorsements are the only way to have even a remote chance of winning.

Do the folks at the TU know that Charlie is running not because he’s so noble and idealistic but because he and Dan don’t have a load of people who want to be micro-managed by those two especially considering their sterling reputations.  We heard even the County Chairman Tom Wade, was none too happy with Charlie endorsing himself to run for Supervisor.  So if all this makes the TU feel all warm and fuzzy about North Greenbush having a choice in this election, someone should maybe clue them in to the fact that we may have a choice on paper, but realistically, there’s no choice at all.  It’s Al Spain for Supervisor or North Greenbush will be flushed down the crapper.


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Attention Democrats!!!!!!

Next Tuesday, September 13, is Primary Day for North Greenbush Democrats.  Al Spain. a life-long Democrat has primaried his party because Dan Ashley and Charlie Smith, despite the fact they couldn’t find anyone else to run for Supervisor, refused to endorse Al.  Whether it be out of jealousy, vindictiveness, or political one-upmanship, they wouldn’t endorse him.   So, rather than have a qualified, experienced candidate, who do they endorse, Charlie Smith.  Yep, the same Charlie Smith who has done more to blacken the reputation of the Town Democratic Committee than any other single person.

Yes, Al Spain has accepted the GOP and Conservative endorsements.  He wants to be our Supervisor.  And being the Democrat that he is, he wants to make sure that North Greenbush absolutely, has no chance of getting stuck with Charlie Smith.  So, it’s vitally important that the enrolled Democrats show up on Primary Day and cast your votes for Al Spain.  All of us who aren’t enrolled Dems wish we could join you.

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